A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Explore the wilderness, recruit survivors, craft gear, and defend against enemy attacks in Outpost Defender. Developed for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017.

  • Recruit up to 9 playable characters, each with unique skills.
  • Upgrade your outpost. Improve food, healing and iron production.
  • Manage your team. Characters who stay in the outpost provide support effects, while characters in your party battle and gain xp.
  • Explore Forests, Mountains, Mines, and Ruins.
  • No random encounters. Enemies are always visible and can be avoided.
  • Craft items, weapons, and armor to improve your characters.
  • Gather a wide variety of items. More challenging maps and enemies yield better loot.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the game. 

  • Windows - Run Game.exe
  • Mac - Run Game.app
  • Linux - Run Game


OutpostDefenderWin.zip 374 MB
OutpostDefenderMac.zip 374 MB
OutpostDefenderLinux.zip 378 MB


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Great game, I have a question. Who is the ninth playable player? I have Soldier, Cook, Scout, Smith, Healer, Fairy, Wizard and Dragon. Is it the dragon knight? If so, how so you get him? And who will be the final wave boss, because I know it changes when I got dragon on my second playthrough.

You have found all of the characters. The ninth one is the one you start with, the Commander :) 

As for the final wave boss, there are 3 different variations. You are correct, it changes if you recruit the dragon. There is another condition in the game that will trigger a third boss.

Thanks for playing, glad you are enjoying it.

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I'm guessing if it's when you kill/sacrifice the wizard? Again great game.