A classic NES style RPG. Walk around the map killing monsters, saving gp, building levels and upgrading your gear.

The game is built in the standard NES resolution of 256x240 pixels, which is kind of tiny. The downloadable versions are scaled up to double size, which is a little easier. You can also zoom in with your browser (usually CTRL+).


Arrow Keys to Move, Z to confirm, X to cancel, ENTER to pause, and SPACE to view your stats on the world map.

OR with a gamepad:

DPad to move. A button to confirm, B button to cancel, START to pause, SELECT/BACK to toggle your stats on the world map.

Saving your game

The game will automatically save your progress every time you leave town. You can continue later from the title screen.


A full listing of credits is viewable in the game.

Developed for the NES Monkey X Game Jam 2015


Windows 5 MB
Mac OS X 6 MB
OpenAL.zip 48 kB

Install instructions


Play it on this page. Zoom in with your browser (Usually CTRL +, or look in the view options) to get a closer view, especially if you are on a newer, hi-resolution display.


Unzip and run 4Dragons.exe


Unzip and run 4Dragons.app


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For me, it won't run online or if I try to run 4dragons.exe i get "program can't start because OpenAL32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

Please help.

Hi there, I've added the file OpenAL32.dll to the game page. Please download and extract the file to your game directory and it should fix the error. I will try to get a new build up soon with the file included properly. Sorry about that!


Interesting game. I included it in my Monkey X NES Game Jam compilation video, if you would like to take a look :) https://youtu.be/0h_RjMz8zU8

Hey, great video, thanks for checking out the games!


Love the feel on this one.